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9th May 2019 - Next Air Freight to Freetown, Sierra Leone - Ready by 14th May 2019
26th May 2019 - Next Shipping (Sea Freight) to Freetown, Sierra Leone - Ready in Freetown by 27th June 2019

Marie Sinneh shipping Ltd has made the shipping / export experience straight forward and simple since it started. We are helping our customers in providing shipping/Export services as diverse as sea freighting, freighting palletised cargoes, containerised cargo services and the export of vehicles from the UK to most seaports in the world. We target businesses and personal cargoes, the sizes range from small boxes, medium boxes, big boxes and barrels to Sierra Leone. Over the years we have maintained a strong relationship with our customers who in turn, through word of mouth have suggested our business to friends and family, this has helped us improve our customer base as a result.  We provide a customer friendly environment, cost effective and reliable services. With expert knowledge in the shipping industry we are passionate about providing a service that keeps our customers happy.

We aim to become the market leader in Sierra Leone, thus in recent months have modified our business model to suit our existing and potential customers’ needs and expand as a business. We can arrange for transportation of vehicles from door to quay and also transportation of shipping goods from door to our loading warehouse or From Door to Door in Sierra Leone. We can buy goods on your behalf; collect from supplier and then ship, making the process a lot easier and convenient.
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The Company was incorporated on 21st June 2010.